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Professional retriever trainers, Baron Rea and Alicia Fields ,own and operate Wetland Retrievers located just outside Palmer, Alaska. Baron has over 20 years experience in training and handling retrievers. He has many hunt trial passes and qualifying field trial placements. Baron specializes in understanding dog psychology and therefore has a high success rate in fixing unwanted canine behavioral issues. He is one of the few trainers in the state of Alaska who has this experience.

dogpilesmCurrently, Baron and Alicia offer boarding and training services. Baron is the lead trainer along with a handful of assistants that help with the field setups. Alicia is the primary care giver and helps most with the dogs in boarding. She makes sure they are spoiled to the utmost.

You are invited to schedule a visit with us to check out our facility. See our operation, and discuss your future training or boarding needs.

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