Field Training & Hunt Tests

We participate in a full schedule of hunt tests and field trials. We proudly support and run in AKC, HRC, and NAHRA events. From entry level to advanced, we run in all levels of Derby, Qualifying, and Open divisions.

Our program typically starts with 5 or 6 month old retrievers who are enrolled in our Basics Program. Even if your dog has been previously trained, there is still a place for them in our program. We can advance their training in new areas or fix longstanding problems.

We have been successful in training Labradors, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and Golden Retrievers. We follow a step by step training program, and do not advance forward until the foundation introductory skills have been learned.

Living here in the Mat Su Valley, gives us a multitude of public access areas to use for training. The Palmer Hay Flats, and Jim Creek, to name a couple, but there are many others. We also use several local farms for training areas, and we incorporate their fields and ponds. We like to use training set ups that include factors such as cover, wind, varied terrain, and bodies of water.

We train year round, but of course field and water work is limited to the Summer months. Obedience, handling , and some transition drills are what we teach during the winter. Our trainers will make several trips South during the winter for water training and events. Primarily we travel to the East coast (VA, NC), but we have training partners in Mississippi, Nebraska, Texas and Oregon that we go train with from time to time.

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